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Calling People Out From Religio-Political Orders

Observing Jesus Messiah to be a herald and deliverer like Moses is more than apparent when one considers that the Messiah of the Accurate Angel provides men with actual deliverance from oppressive religio-political orders.  Were Moses to have heralded to the Hebrews incarcerated by Egypt's religio-political order the message of contemporary heralds today, the story would have gone something like this:  Moses schedules an appointment with Pharaoh, they arrange a convenient time to assemble the Hebrews, Pharaoh introduces Moses as a great evangelical; Moses inspires the people to don "Jehovah First" lapel pins, record their professions of Messianic faith, quietly contribute to the cause, then bids them and the Pharaoh farewell, abandoning the Hebrew children to their oppressor Pharaoh and his religio-political system of bondage.  Moses would never have initiated the Exodus out from Egypt, nor merged them out from the jurisdiction of Pharaoh through the Red Sea, instructed them into the commandments of the unconcealed and living God, that is, Father of Jesus Messiah, nor prepared them to inherit the Promised Land, a place of cessation from performance driven religio-political orders.

Notice Jesus Messiah as He demonstrates Himself as a Deliverer Who, like Moses, calls men out, that is, initiates an exodus for mankind out from religious and pagan political oppression.  Further, notice the ecclesiastical (called-out) separation achieved when one is merged into the name; the state of justice Messiah affords and the liberation, that is, cessation from the performance driven religious order of His day.  Notice the opportunity to be delivered, called-out, instructed, equipped to serve and ultimately commissioned to continue the student-making process by which others, those incarcerated by religio-political orders, might experience the same.


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